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Want to know what book releases to expect with the Legends Of Dawn game? Here is a glimpse of the exciting works scheduled to be released with the game at first quarter of 2013.

Dwarven Chronicles

Dwarven Chronicles by Norma C. Ray. It is a loose collection of short and funny stories about ancient dwarven societies, before the disappearance of the civilization. The once mighty kingdom now in ruins, left this written record of their existence.

If you love Legends Of Dawn, you will love this unexpected and funny book. Dwarven Chronicles is filled with magical strings interspersed between the sweet stories and you will find yourself drawn into the characters and their realistic situations.

Sample Chapter: Cronarian battle

In year 2598 p.Z.e. three dwarven cohorts, comprising sixty warriors, had just managed to scatter a few human divisions, comprising 500 infantries and archers, while defending the Cronar Bridge. Little did they know that it was going to be the longest day of their lives. The notoriously vile elves were furtively awaiting their turn.

While the dwarves were tending to their wounded, thousands of arrows came at them from nowhere. Luckily, they raised their shields on time, so very few were hurt. After some five attacks, Field Marshall Gruboff decided to try a counterattack. The dwarves charged with raised shields, to the nearest grove, from which the elves were attacking. They killed about twenty elves. Then their leader activated a contraption and uttered a spell.

Gruboff realized they were all going to be killed, so he grabbed the contraption, ran to the nearby grove and swung it towards the elves while countless arrows rained down on him. The contraption hit its mark and the accompanying explosion was tremendous. Struck down by attacks from the grove, Gruboff fell down smiling, while elven body parts rained all around. Among them was the arm of another elf who was attempting to launch a missile. The first explosion must have set off another missile, because explosions were spreading linearly across the battlefield, and panicked elves began to run for their lives.

After the dwarves had recovered somewhat, they searched the abandoned elven posts and found a single, but intact missile. They became masters of explosions, because their clever alchemists managed to reconstruct the elements of the missile and the ratio of the substances in it.

As for Gruboff – not only did he survive, he lived to see his many great-grandchildren, who all grew up to become great warriors.


A ritualistic dwarven dance performed during annual festivities and after great military feats, when it is performed in a somewhat more energetic version. Soldiers form two lines, each comprising seven men, and face each other standing at a distance of seven steps. They approach each other walking slowly and monotonously to the rhythm of guldarh and swinging their fists in a ceremonially rigid manner. All the movements, as well as the swinging of the arms, must be performed in unison. During the last step, each soldier suddenly lowers his left arm and slaps the soldier standing opposite him as hard as he can, with his right hand. The purpose is to achieve a perfect synchrony of movements and keep a motionless face while being slapped. This is to be repeated seven times and each time the soldiers are to alternate the hand used in slapping those facing them.






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