Legends of Dawn Duels
Spaceforce Homeworld Gameplay

Space Force Homeworld is a great arcade style shooter with a classic struggle, filled with hordes of aliens and weapon powerups. Engage in an epic battle for survival!

No one on earth had ever witnessed such a massive deployment of space forces! The Earth is on the verge of destruction! Paris, London, Cairo, Rome, New York, Berlin, Zagreb, Vienna, Tokyo and Moscow are under constant attack. Move your mobile ground and space forces to defend the cities.

The Allied Aliens struck suddenly, human race is unprepared to battle such an advanced foe. You have been chosen to pioneer the last line of defence. Crush the alien fleet and destroy their Mothership to save humankind.

Move your vehicles left and right, using the arrow buttons. Press left on the mouse to fire the main gun and right, to fire missiles. Collect power-ups while destroying swarming enemies in your way and call for air assistance.

Space Force Homeworld offers lovely graphics and special effects, complete environment renovation in each level, original soundtracks, worldwide High Score and so much more.






Legends of Dawn is supported by the Ministry of entrepreneurship and crafts of the Republic of Croatia.