Swamps of Sidis Tarea are dangerous places in best of times. But now, when the war is brewing, ancient monsters are on the rise again. Elementals are some of the fiercest creatures you will encounter. Nobody knows how exactly they appeared in Narr, but the tales from the elders indicate that the wicked wizards from the Danian lineage invoked ancient evil that brought nothing but despair.





Living fire, Vatra, Burning Death... many names for the same creature - fire elemental. It is said that fire elementals inhabit endless caverns where god Svarog lives. There, fire elementals are his servants and followers helping to keep fires of the Svarog's forge burning forever.

However, fire elementals in Narr are anything but helpful. Summoned by dark magics and corrupted, these creatures are now enemies of all living things. Legends say that fire elementals once visited lands on the far north, but barbarian tribes there managed to stop them. Portal that connected  Svarog's land and Narr was closed but damage was already done. Some elementals managed to escape and are terrorizing Narr ever since.  


Subspecies: PLAMEN, VATRA







Vesina, goddes of spring, and Zaria, goddess of water, use water elementals as benevolent servants. Those elementals bring life to Narr and help keep rivers and lakes fresh and protected.

These elementals - ice elementals - are anything but helpful.

Corrupted by dark magics by vengeful godess - Morana, these creatures use frost to bring pain and destruction through the Narr. They are dangerous, cunning and fast and will attack anything almost on sight. Where there is war, there are ice elementals. Somehow they can sense suffering and conflict and one can almost always encounter them in the lands where war rages.







It is not known where these creatures come from but all that encounter them agree in one thing - they are deadly. Air elementals can often be found swirling through the ancient temples and passageways of forgotten dungeons. They are some of the most mysterious and deadly creatures Narr has ever seen.

It would be wise to always be on the lookout, those creatures rarely travel on their own and can sometimes be accompanied by lesser elementals.

Some speculate these creatures are actually manifestations of servants of Stribor - god of winds and sky - whose souls went to Stribor's realm in afterlife. Maybe these souls have been corrupted and forged into weapons of evil? Who knows...

Subspecies: ZRAK, WHITE ZRAK





Dark magic gave life to these creatures. Nobody knows when or where they first came to be, but they have since been plague upon the lands of Narr.

Earth elementals can be found almost everywhere, if you listen to the tales of Cesanaar merchants you will hear tales of caravan guards fighting earth elemental in the desert of the east. Barbarians of the north will tell stories of their ancestors fighting earth elementals in caverns beneath snow covered mountains. Elven mages will recall fighting earth elementals on the shores of crimson seas, far to the south and danian rangers will often tell tales how they encountered earth elemental wandering through the swamp.

What is sure is that these creatures are everywhere, they are dangerous and must be stopped.










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