Legends of Dawn Duels

Legends of Dawn Elves

Elven Fighter

Elves have come a long way in the world of Narr. They have long abandoned the spiritual and harmonic aspect of their nature to become the most feared warriors in the land. After dragging themselves from the brink of extinction at the hands of the formidable armies that surrounded them, the elves had two options: Firm up or be wiped out. They chose the former and as with everything of such nature, they carried it too far.

Physical Characteristics

During the time of harmony, elves used to live about a hundred and thirty years, but excessive aggression and physical training has halved their lifespans. Nowadays an elf is considered old if he reaches sixty.

The faces of young elven males are usually ritualistically scarred several months after birth, to blend the young warrior's soul with the blade. The same practice is carried out with the females as potential warrior mothers but instead of the face, the representation of their sacred artefact is carved with a newly forged blade onto their abdomens. All elves wear their scars with pride, but they cover their faces with masks to hide their blended souls from the vulgar gazes of strangers. Such stares they believe could reveal their souls and weaken the magic.

Gone is the waiflike physique. Through careful genetic selection and combat training from the moment young members of the race takes their first steps, elves have evolved into imposing, brawny specimens. Their size, strength, superior hearing and tenacity, makes them an enemy worth avoiding.

Distinguishing Mannerisms

Elven settlements are out of bounds to other races and special permissions have to be sought to be allowed in. But they freely engage in trade dealings with the others.

Elves build stunning mausoleums and engage in secret rituals that are designed to lead and protect the souls of their departed on their journey to the invisible realm.

Elves follow a strict hierarchy and observe formality in all manner of interactions. Even though they are highly skilled combatants, they hardly get involved in matters that do not concern them.

Courtship among elves begins before maturity and involves a fight in an arena between potential partners, until the first blood is drawn. If the female draws the first blood, the male in question is disgraced, while her rating increases. Then she moves to the next contender and the fight is continued. If she defeats all her opponents, she is placed in a special house of honour, until she becomes mature enough to bear children. Such heroines are highly sought after and carefully bred to copulate with all the finest warriors. The honoured females are addressed with the title of “Ebiriban” which means mother of the poleaxe. The axe being the symbol of all prime warriors.

From childhood, elves are sorted into warrior, healer and servant classes. They rarely leave their designated class.

Positive Attributes


Elves are loyal and dependable.

They are tenacious and will pursue a designated course of action to the end.

They do not engage in frivolous pursuits. All their time is spent working towards self and societal improvement.

Negative Attributes

 Awareness of physical superiority has lent elves a violent temper that was once alien to their nature. It does not take much to rile up an elf and skirmishes usually turn into very bloody fights. But unlike other species, an elf rarely takes the life of another elf.

An elf has no sense of enjoyment in the mundane affairs of living. Every action is calculated to produce an effect. Creating artefacts in praise of the gods, eating for nutrition and even mating, is carried out with discipline and precision. Their prime focus is on the outcome, rather than the pleasure in the process.

It is uncertain when compared with their past selves whether elves evolved or degenerated.






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