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Legends of Dawn Rizars

Rizars are the oldest inhabitants of Narr who once lived in settlements across the continents. They are a closed society, strictly following the path set by their ancestors with no tolerance for the slightest deviation. Rizar children are raised to believe only in the things that can be perceived by the mind or senses.

Rizars have no interest in construction, magic or amassing any form of wealth. Beauty to them is in the surroundings they were born into: The trees, rivers, mountains and rocks. They often paint such motifs on their skins using dye obtained from roots and leaves of plants.

They are considered uninventive and savage because of their chosen simplicity of life, spent in complete harmony with their surroundings. The different inclinations with their neighbours, led to frequent clashes that resulted in the rizars' migration to the icy peaks of the far north.

Physical Characteristics

Rizars have long flat forms, perfectly adapted to life inside the crevices of the northern mountains. Their skins are shockingly pale. Their eyes, round like binoculars, are colourless. Rizar females have four breasts unlike the other races because they usually birth twins and often nurse on the move.

Within a rizar population, one can find a varied mix of extremely tall and short individuals and besides such instances of apparent difference in height, outsiders cannot tell rizars apart.

Distinguishing Mannerisms


Rizars are the least advanced of the races, having shunned all behaviours that hint at effecting any type of progressive change. They neither believe in gods nor practice magic but many are telepathic.

Since the northern climes have become more dangerous and food scarce, rizars have begun migrating south again. They now inhabit places like Burdur, to the distaste of their human neighbours. They cover their pale skins with varicoloured pigmentation that mimic tree trunks and leaves, helping them blend perfectly into the forest surroundings.

Even though they have highly developed vocal abilities, rizars often use their adept mimicry to communicate when there are other races nearby. They are the only ones that can distinguish the voice of a fellow member of the specie from the creature being mimicked. Although they have adapted to life in the southern climes again, rizars still build settlements for their children - their most precious possessions, on treetops or cliffs.

Positive Attributes

Defence oriented policy: Rizars have never been known to start any conflicts. They are skilled warriors and will defend themselves only if cornered and attacked. With their telepathic abilities and excellent camouflage skills, they are usually gone before the arrival of an enemy.

Self-sufficiency: They are a completely closed society that seem to have no need for trade goods or the most basic interactions with others. They produce and consume all that they need for survival.

Living historians: The unwillingness of the rizarn societies to dilute their culture with innovations, makes them the only ones capable of unravelling the mysterious past. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to divulge the ancient mysteries to an outsider.

Negative Attributes

Negativities in the nature of a rizar cannot be known without first dwelling among them. Their unwillingness to welcome change is their major negative attribute.






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