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Legends of Dawn Humans

Human Fighter

Humans are the most fascinating of the races because of their contradictory behaviour. They often indulge in pleasures to avoid unpleasantness, but are usually the cause of what they hide from. They have just as deep capacity for hate as they do for love and are able direct those emotions at anyone, regardless of race.

Physical Characteristics

They live for about eighty years and vary physically. Some can be as brawny as elves, others as frail as reeds. Their physical prowess cannot be judged from their looks and they shield their females from external scrutiny.

Distinguished Mannerisms

They have kings and ruling families whom the serve like gods even though some of the rulers rob their citizens. However they have installed successful institutions and grown in strength, since their liberation from dwarven slavery.

Some even show an affinity for magic and creation like the dwarves but their unpredictable nature makes them susceptible to positive and negative influences especially when young.

Positive Attributes

Humans derive enormous pleasure from frivolous pursuits like dancing, eating and drinking. It actually improves their mood and spread cheer to all they encounter.


Humans display a strong sense of unity over a common goal especially where their common interests are concerned.

They tend to show great courage in the face of hardship.

Negative Attributes

Humans are irrational and undependable. The easily get consumed by their emotions and act accordingly.

It is easy to sow discord among their kind because of the said emotions. Attack their pride, property or personal insecurities and the human will lash out, often against the ones they claim to care about. They are only race that will turn viciously on their own.

Humans cannot see past the object of their desires. They therefore misuse and contaminate their environment and then wage wars in an effort to expand into another's territory.






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