Legends of Dawn Duels




Perun Rune


The father of true warriors and master of the sky. Legend says that he once dwelt among the people of Narr but returned to the sky, displeased by their sinfulness and lack of faith. His rage transformed into lightening bolts that split the sky and spewed flames that consumed the wicked and nearly wiped out life in the world. The few faithful locked themselves in the temples and did their best to appease him with precious sacrifices, while  assuring the great god of their collective change of hearts and ways.

After getting Perun's forgiveness, they made a statue to forever remember his generosity and their covenant with him. The shield is the symbol of his protection and the lightening bolt is the sceptre with which he rules the world. All who displease him get consumed by the fire of his wrath. Perun grants deftness and dexterity to his favoured ones.

For such a divine being, Perun demands complete worship and adoration, yet does not hurry to fulfil the supplications of his followers. He enjoys watching them squirm with need as he decides whether or not to grant it. Though he has a mischievous streak and often triggers situations of extreme tension or danger among the mortals, for his own curious amusement, he is quite benign. The  high  priests teach would-be followers, the right way to stroke his vanity and claim divine favours. It has been written; all who walk with the great Perun on their side, shall be unbeatable and many attest that it is so.








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