Legends of Dawn Duels




Veles Rune


Veles is the goddess of vitality, the symbol of all that is good and pure. The source of all life. Touted for her bounty with the natural surroundings and her maternal graces, she is the most favoured deity. Sinners can always find forgiveness at her bosom, after being punished by Perun. They call her Veles the beautiful, and she readily protects her people from themselves, as well as from Savrog's fiery temper for a price. Their eternal souls.

She is the uniting entity between the two gods and dwells at the point where the sky touches the land. Always interceding on the behalf of the mortals.

According to legend, the people tried to abuse her goodness and their wicked hearts made her weep. Her tears flooded the great rivers, which continued to rise, until salt water covered the entire land. The drowning faithful and sinners alike, desperately called out to her. Her heart softened and she dropped her mallet parting the waters. To this day, the meeting point of the two great rivers of Narr are a testament to the place where the mallet fell. The mortals unfortunately revealed their wicked nature to her and she needs to be constantly reminded of their devotion by constant sacrifices. Those in her favour get renewed life energy.







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