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Spaceforce Rogue Universe Gameplay
Ord Commander

You have the opportunity to engage in large-scale space fight, with a class of fighter or capital ship, against enemy NPC controlled vessels, each possessing their own individual characteristics and style of fight. In between missions you get to customize your ship with a selection of different equipment.

Players begin by choosing an in-game character equipped with a spaceship ready to explore the Universe. Selecting the specific civilization decides the starting location in the home system, allowing the player to begin exploring different types of systems. Quests can be taken from any station you are docked in. They vary from hunting down targets to hacking structures. Once taken, quests cannot be cancelled.

Space Force - Rogue Universe features an economic system that allows you to buy and sell commodities for profit. You can also buy new ships or new upgrades for your ship. In the space station trade centre you will find a list of what goods are for sale. Check your ship's characteristics to see how much cargo space and weight is available and how much is already used. Prices and wares differ from one system to the other, so you have to do some exploration and find optimal trade routes.

Depending on the enemy's shield, your dog fight could range from mere seconds to a whole lot more. Equipping the right gun before a fight could save you some work. Damage booster is a necessary upgrade for your fighter - it enhances the damage you inflict fighting capital ships and becomes a very necessary element for large scale battles. It is wise to avoid large ships when you find yourself without one.

A player may choose between 14 different fighter class ships in 3 categories - light, medium and heavy. Every ship has different groups of major characteristics: Weaponry, shield, manoeuvrability, armour, speed, afterburner, jammer, target system, cargo space and weight. A player can buy a new ship or repair the old one at any moment in the game. Wingmen fight by your side and are a must have. Wingmen are simply additional firepower that use both main guns and missiles, while taking down targets faster. However they do not provide distraction for the enemy to shoot at. You can’t really count on their AI so during fights you may have to manually issue commands to attack your target. They gain exp and rank up, (strange, always faster than you) and will not leave unless you dismiss, or hit them one too many times.


After creating your character, you will be in your new ship, orbiting your home space station. A player can visit 46 star systems throughout our Milky Way galaxy. Every system in the galaxy has its own specificity: A different star base, buildings, NPC enemies, black holes, asteroids.

A player has complete freedom in movement and choices. How you would reach your objectives, is all up to you. Space Force - Rogue Universe is in all entirety, a non-linear game.

Your actions within the game determine the diplomacy rating you get where specific civilisations are concerned. If your action was hostile against one nation and your rating dropped below 80% they will treat you as their enemy. If that same rating drops below 20 %, you will surely be attacked by the patrol of that society. How do you improve your diplomacy rating with a civilisation? By solving their quests, or paying tribute to them in credits. Attacking their enemy can also be useful.

A mouse and a keyboard puts you in the game. An intuitive interface makes Space Force - Rogue Universe easy to play. Smart controls allow players to quickly select targets and destinations in 3D space.

Players can trade goods between space stations or conduct other money-making jobs like mining asteroids, transporting goods or trading with other ships somewhere in space. Other players may choose to pursue a more dangerous path such as piracy, smuggling or head-hunting, for collecting cash. You have a load of galactic news to read and research. By investing your cash, you stand to make more money or lose everything.

The map grants you the opportunity to set a course to avoid hostile civilisations and their space sectors, or to find the route you have to pay for speedier travel.


The weapons system on your ships will vary from Mass Drivers, Pulse Energizer and Microwave Crusher, to missile systems like Ecstasy Warhead and Pro-torpedoes. It could also be extremely powerful weapons like Xenon Bombs, Ion Beams, Pulsar Cannons, Tesla Coil and a whole lot more to fling at your enemies.

The Hacking tool once purchased, has an unlimited use. It can be taken off and attached to another ship. Two bars will appear, the top red bar is the security detection bar and will show a percentage. The percentage will go up and down each time the bar fills up, but when it shows the maximum the building allows before detection, you can either stop hacking before the bar reaches the end, or continue. In which case you will be detected and the building's defences will get activated. The more you hack the less chances you have of being detected. Each successful hack gives you a small chance of getting id cards.

The Id cards that you pick up from hacking or special offers at stations and traders, allows you access to an opposing fraction's trader and station with low diplomacy. You can trade and take on jobs as you would with your own friendly fraction. ID cards are valid for single use. As soon as you enter a station the ID card disappears and you will have to buy a new one.

Cargo ships are the ships that carry cargo from some base to another space station. A player can visit ten different cargo ships in the game to buy and sell items.

In the Space Force - Rogue Universe jump gates allow travel between star systems. Jump gate is an artificial device that uses a stable tachyons condensation through space strings structure. In order to travel, the player must enter the jump gate and come out on the other side, somewhere at a predetermined place in the galaxy. The player can fast travel within the system also by jumping, or using special speed mode, but only if enemies are not nearby.

Space Force - Rogue Universe is being scored by the various authors from around the globe. We've improved the depth of the game experience by including more compelling musical experience. It features "live" music that changes based upon the context of game play. Fights are associated by dramatic themes while calmer moments are accompanied by ambient tones. Space Force - Rogue Universe offers an improved HD sound quality.






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