Legends of Dawn Duels

Company FAQ

Legends of Dawn - Sunset Over Danian City


Where can I get more information about one of your games?


  • We have websites devoted to some of our titles. Please visit the appropriate sites for more information: www.dreamatrix.net, www.spaceforce-game.com


How does Dreamatrix feel about a compilation of various useful things and mods created by community?


  • We create our own in-house tools able to take PC resources to the maximum level of quality in terms of graphics, programming and performance. This technology is designed to be usable for everyone and allows you to create your own worlds for personal, non-commercial use or maybe for Community Expansion Pack. All the creatures, animations, items, world models and settings are there for world builders to use. Construct custom world, monsters and magic items to make your adventure unique. The main characteristics and the services that provide these tools you can check on our tools page.


How can I get a job or internship at Dreamatrix?



Where can I buy your games?


  • Boxed copies of our games can be found at many gaming retailers. Alternatively, you can purchase copies directly from the Dreamatrix Store.


What projects is Dreamatrix currently working on?


  • We have teams hard at work on Legends Of Dawn, Happy Critters and Warmaggedon.





Legends of Dawn is supported by the Ministry of entrepreneurship and crafts of the Republic of Croatia.