Legends of Dawn Duels
Engine Features - World Editing

Terrain Modeling and Texturing


  • World Editor allows us and our users to create large custom maps. Everything we need to model and texture Legends of Dawn maps is here.
  • Use up to 32 materials to texture terrain sectors. Each sector can have multiple materials blended on top of each other. It allows us to have rich and diverse environments.
  • Ambient editor allows us to create full day and night transitions with full support to modify ambient parameters such as sun color and strength, 3 additional global lights with various colors and light strengths, depth fog and vertical fog with support for fog density and color and more. All ambients are assigned to different locations on the map and engine automatically creates transitions between neighbor ambients.
  • Entity editing is easy and straightforward: you simply choose entity you wish to place on the map and click where you want to place it. All entities can be moved, rotated around all three axes without difficulty using transform gizmos.

Rivers and Lakes


  • Entire world has one global water but you can also use River Editing panel to create custom rivers. You define river position by creating spline nodes and by choosing basic river parameters (UVW mapping, materials parameters, wave frequency and amplitude and more). using provided spline, engine creates entire animated river.







Legends of Dawn is supported by the Ministry of entrepreneurship and crafts of the Republic of Croatia.