Legends of Dawn Duels
Spaceforce Homeworld Story

Humans are a promising race. We have populated our planet and begun exploring the neighbouring ones, in search for new resources, but contrary to our beliefs, we were not alone. We have been under constant surveillance by the Allied Aliens from space. They soon reached  the conclusion that we were a possible threat to their empire and resolved to destroy us before we got too powerful.

Their attack was sudden and many cities were destroyed, but we took refuge in the bosom of mother Earth. Every waking moment is being utilised to develop weapons and strategies to defend human existence.

You have just aced your captain's exams. As a recently accoladed captain, your task is to take the driver's seat in the lead vehicle, equipped with the latest weaponry. The technology is specially designed to attack and evade the alien flying machines and missiles. Your mission is to clear a path for the front line and the support teams, as they become available, to reach the surface.

Be brave and ferocious!






Legends of Dawn is supported by the Ministry of entrepreneurship and crafts of the Republic of Croatia.