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Legends of Dawn FAQ

What if my health is very low?

  • Stay alert. Carelessness can get you injured anytime, anywhere. When your health is low, reach for potion or food. A priest can heal you in town, for free.


How can I earn money?

  • Return to town. Go to a merchant or the market and sell your goods.


How are runes used?

  • Different runes serve different functions. Specific ones can be dragged into designated slots to unlock sealed chests, activate magic bridges or create spells.


How do I spend skill points?

  • You can spend your skill points however you wish. Every time you level up, you gain three skill points which can then be applied to improve any skill in the skill panel. Discover the many different ways to combine and use more than thirty-five combat, creature lore, crafting, gathering, resistance and devotion skills.


How difficult is creating a new spell?

  • Very easy, if you have magic runes. Just drag them to the slots in the spell panel. Name them, give a representing icon and level (faith consumption). Click create. Your magic icon will appear in the inventory, then you simply drag the spell into one of the slots.


How do I cast a spell?

  • Spells are cast using Faith, the equivalent of mana in other games. Click on the spell icon at the quickbar, then click on the enemy. An alternate method is to hit the key number and then click on the enemy where '1' corresponds to the spell in Slot 1 of the quickbar and '0' to Slot 10. Most spells will have to cool down, a few seconds after casting from the quickbar. Remember, an enemy needs to be targeted to activate the spell.


How do I know if I am being influenced by magic?

  • Magic icons are at the top of the screen, below the player health and faith bar. They show whatever is currently affecting you.


What should I place in the Quickbar?

  • Whatever is in your inventory that you wish to use urgently e.g food, potions or weapon.


Will I have enough space in the Quickbar?

  • There are multiple quickbars and each has ten slots. You can switch between quickbars by clicking on the up/down arrow keys. Your current XP bar will be displayed below the quickbar.


What is the function of the target Bar?

  • The Target Bar displays information about your current target. It shows an enemy or NPC character's name and level, followed by two bars: health (red) and faith (blue), along with current/maximum values.


What about the player Bar?

  • The Player Bar displays information about your current status. It will show your name and level, followed by two bars: health (red) and faith (blue), along with current/maximum values.


Is there really no class restriction?

  • Yes. That is one of the many unique features in this game. All characters can learn any skill and master them later. You will discover different ways to use and combine skills.


What kind of engine does Legends Of Dawn have?

  • The complete Legends of Dawn RPG development tool is a fully featured in-house game engine designed for the creation and development of PC RPG and other games. Unlike most commercial game engines, this powerful tool is devised to provide an artist with a favourable workflow. It allows the production of exciting art sections e.g. materials, terrains, animations, lights, quests and interactive parts, without any programming assistance; only a mouse. The Editor is pluggable environment where programmers can quickly add their own tools, plugins and editors. Resource streaming in a separate thread allows you to create richer, larger and a visually more impressive world than ever before. Legends of Dawn comes with all the tools needed to construct this unique world.


Just how smart is the AI monster?

  • Monsters come in all shapes and sizes in Legends of Dawn and display different AI behaviour. They can be destroyed only through challenging combat. Adaptable AI creature behaves differently depending on whether it is day or night. Virtually every enemy in the game: spider, flying creature or human can lose a body part e.g. leg, hand or head, producing spectacular battles. All creatures and NPCs have a moral code. Some will fight to the death, while others are cowardly and will try to escape. Such will fight only if there is no other alternative. Some creatures will wait in traps and use hidden attacks. Spiders are notorious for clinging on cliffs or dungeon ceilings. They lie in wait and drop on you when you least expect them. Elementals hide in their natural habitat e.g. earth elementals dig underground and water elementals hide in shallow water.


Where do quests take me?

  • Each player that performs a quest will have a different experience. Two different players going on the same quest may not follow the same steps, because you can solve a quest in several different ways. NPCs often have something to say, or a quest to offer. The NPC will describe what you must do next and your Quest Log will be updated. You can check the status of your quests with the Quest Log.


What are the Races that you can play as in the Legends of Dawn game?

  • Choose among three races - Human, Elf or Danian, and two genders - male or female. There are additional non-playable races in the world of Narr -- Dwarves and Rizars. Each adds vital components to the delightfully rich and complex blend of civilisations.


How do I start crafting?

  • To start crafting open the craft panel represented by hammer button. A complex crafting system with over 25,000 usable items, allows you to make everything from food, metal, wood, stone and leather into weapons and armours.


How do I identify items?

  • By using the "Identify Item" feature. You will find that magical items have to be identified in oracle shrines in various locations throughout the world, to discover the item's unique properties.


Dwarven Chronicles

  • The scripts of the silent dwarves say that the world of Narr awaits heroes, special mortals pure of spirit, that would seek out and reassemble the fragments of the shattered ancient apparatus. Pieces of the Dawn are unique, magical and powerful. Seek them out in stone chests scattered throughout the world, which bear the golden emblem of Dawn.


When do we get achievements?

  • When you complete additional challenges. The list of all existing achievements in Legends of Dawn can be found in the Achievement panel.


What is the Bestiary?

  • Bestiary is an illustrated Guide to the beasts and monsters of Legends of Dawn. Upon killing a monster, you receive information about the slain monster. To get more information, you will need to increase your kill count for the specific monster.


What's the deal with the Books?

  • There are two kinds in the game. Most books fill in back story, just click on the one you'd like to read. The others are usable items. If you find one of such, you get the opportunity to permanently increase the value of your ability scores.


What is the Player Characteristic about?

  • Each time your character levels up, you get an opportunity to permanently increase the value of the five ability scores - strength, dexterity, vitality, intelligence and charisma. Your seven resistance scores - fire, electric, cold, acid, poison, disease and magic, are combat statistics that mitigates incoming damage and effects.


What is this circular thing on the upper left corner?

  • That is the minimap, a simplified version of a larger map. You will occasionally see red (enemies), green (player) and blue (NPCs) dots on it. Depending on your skills, it is possible to locate monsters using your minimap display. But beware, some creatures are stealthy and do not appear on the minimap. This is especially dangerous when you encounter creatures with hidden attacks.


Where is the map?

  • Use the button marked 'M' when you want an overview of the entire map. The green arrow somewhere on the map, marks your own position.


How do I get the gods on my side?

  • The three gods: Perun, Veles and Svarog, each have their shrines throughout the continent. Activating a shrine opens a sacrifice panel with options to sacrifice items. Be as generous as you wish and gain divine favours.





Legends of Dawn is supported by the Ministry of entrepreneurship and crafts of the Republic of Croatia.