Legends of Dawn Duels
Spaceforce Rogue Universe Story

My name is Jim Anderson, I am a commander within the ranks of the E.M.D and I see darkness approaching. There is a palpable threat of an upcoming war, but no one other than myself, seems capable of recognising it. My attempts at raising alarm, sparked rumours of sedition against me and I'm helpless in proving my innocence. People seem quite adept at self-delusion. The stars are aligned in patterns that tell wonderful stories in the heavens and they choose to believe in progress, science, evolution and whatever else tickles their fancy. They are content in thinking that humankind would be better, just because they wish it so.

My sister Jax and I are of the deep-space-jump generation, we came to the world six years after the Mass Destruction war. Our father was a soldier of the E.M.D's 7th fleet, while our mother remained condemned to the oppressed side. She endured untold suffering, during the time of occupation by the armed forces of the Earth Military Directorate and Jax, who tended to be stubborn like our mother, joined the Union forces to fight for their gallant cause that is supposed to make universe a better place. What romantic foolishness.

The cause of our separation hardly seems relevant now, in the light of the looming horror that is about to be unleashed in the universe. The nightmare I warned of and got accused over, has become a reality. They believe me now, after an attack was launched against one of our distant military outposts, by a vicious alien species known as the Collective. They completely destroyed the outpost and have been steadily advancing. Soon the Collective will be around the outer ridge of our solar system.

...Jax, I hope we could put our differences aside. We must reunite the forces of our common humanity and defend the universe as one. Now that we are on the verge of annihilation, we should exist in harmony, as separate parts of a whole and burn past grievances at the altar of forgiveness.

Your loving brother,








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