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Legends of Dawn Danians

Danian Mage

Danians evolved from an aquatic life-form they assumed when an accidental backfire of a universal cleaning mission landed them in the middle of the great river. They emerged to land after mastering the secrets of the waters.

Some danians have settled into the routines of life in this world while others remain aware of the power they still possess. Unfortunately, they have lost all knowledge of their celestial past and practice magic as a means of reclaiming that knowledge but many get distracted by the lure of the dark arts.

Danians have three genders: male, female and androgyne.

The androgyne is the minor faction of danians that are closest to their original nature. The live in perfect balance of the male and female aspects of life and generally devote all their time to the practice of magic. When an androgyne is born, they are capable of choosing what gender they want to belong to by their inclinations. Unfortunately, the pressure to conform deprives danians of the most treasured class of individuals.

Since danians have long accepted in their present form, they display great appreciation from the subtle pleasures of acquiring artefacts and music of the harp, birdsong or running water. In it they sense the lost aspects of their nature and tend to keep seeking more and more fulfilment until it leads them astray, to the waiting arms of dark magic. Out of fear of such deviations, some would-be danian parents seek out genetic contributions from androgynes, to make future androgynous children that can rise above such temptations.


Physical Characteristics

They live to be over a hundred years old and are rumoured to have the ability of lengthening their lifespan by delving deeper into magic.

They are of strong build, bearing resemblance to all the other races because when the first danians came to land, they took the physical characteristics of the local inhabitants so as not to stand out. The only remnant of their aquatic past is apparent in their semi atrophied gills. Both male and female danians have thick ropes of long, matted hair that they twist and wrap into sacred denotations of class and authority.

Their speech is nasal, smooth and low-pitched, like rolling water and they pride themselves on having the widest vocabulary in all of Narr.

Distinguishing Mannerisms


They have their caste system and their society adheres to the limitations of it. Every member knows their role and fulfils it. The higher castes deals exclusively with magic and do not soil their esteemed hands with menial labour, while the lower castes are usually soldiers and traders.

Danians are most comfortable when surrounded by water and prefer the swamps to dry regions. Before venturing on diplomatic missions, danian envoys usually ask to be placed close to fountains.

Positive Attributes

Healing magic: Danians are the most advanced when it comes to magic that could restore balance and improve the state of being.

Danians have an honest desire to create a utopian world and they keep violence as a last resort.

They possess great understanding of universal truths and find hidden meanings in every object.

Negative Attributes

Practising necromancy and other black magic.

Meddling in the universal order: In their desire to create a utopian world, danians often cause natural disasters that fluctuates the seasons and makes things worse than before. Yet they seem unable to refrain from meddling with the elements.

All danians except the androgynes, have a great tendency to get corrupted by the great power they unearth.






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