Legends of Dawn Duels
  • Enjoy classic arcade gameplay, blast the aggressive aliens and save the planet earth
  • Select your tank, pilot a spaceship
  • Navigate your vehicle through clouds of plasma missiles
  • Collect power-ups while destroying your enemies, on your way to becoming a formidable defender of the earth
  • An amazing playing experience, that is bound to keep you glued to your seat throughout the game
  • You will face over 50 different missions against the Allied Aliens
  • Defend 10 capital cities throughout the world
  • Defeat all the alien motherships that were responsible for the destruction of the cities, at the end of each section
  • Call various air strikes and enjoy the show
  • Amazing weather effects, night and day
  • Easy to use controls ensures that even novice players handle the vehicles like a pro
  • The accompanying sounds flows with the visuals, enhancing the game playing experience, infusing it with sublime beauty
  • Easy to pick up and learn but a real challenge to beat
  • Post high scores on global scoreboards





Legends of Dawn is supported by the Ministry of entrepreneurship and crafts of the Republic of Croatia.