Legends of Dawn Duels
Engine Features - Creature Design


  • Creature editor allows quick creation of AI objects, including non-player characters (NPCs) , monsters and animals.
  • Creature editor allows us to assign various animations to AI states (including combat animations, death animations, idle animations, movement animations and more). It also allows us to link various sounds to each of these animations.
  • For each creature it is possible to designate various parameters including creature name, type, gender, race, basic ability scores, resistances and much more.
  • Adaptable creature AI: each creature has spawn data that determines when the creature is active. Some creatures such as wolves are more active during the night, while others such as humanoid enemies prefer day. This directly affects gameplay. For example, it is much harder to explore the world during the night since there will be more monsters around. On the other hand, during the night players will often find more interesting items and resources.
  • Multiple attacks (regular and special): it is possible to create unlimited number of attacks for each creature separately. Attacks can be ranged or melee, can have various special effects attached to them (health drain, ability score modifiers, stun/paralysis and many others).
  • Cooperative AI: It is possible to create creatures that heal and help each other. Some spells summon creatures that will fight by your side. It is also possible to fight alongside city guards and other friendly NPCs. Creatures also have ability to spawn other creatures, to teleport and much more.
  • All creatures have "respawn rates" which determines how often creatures reappear after you kill them. Some creatures are unique, you kill them once and that's it. Other creature respawn in the matter of minutes (such as spiders in caves and dungeons).
  • In-game bestiary panel: it shows all data about defeated creatures - basic statistics, resistances, health and faith and much more.
  • Combat and evasive AI on large scale navigation graph: all creatures utilize full 3D pathfinding to navigate 3D world. You will be hard pressed to evade them.
  • Creature moral: all creatures and NPCs use moral. Some will fight to the death, others are cowardly and will try to escape and fight only if there is no other alternative.
  • Hidden attacks: some creatures will wait in traps. Spiders are notorious for clinging on cliff faces or dungeon ceilings. They will wait and drop on you when you least expect them. Elementals hide in their natural surroundings (earth elementals dig under ground and water elementals hide in shallow water).
  • Stealth: depending on your skills, it is possible to locate creatures using your minimap display. Some creatures are stealthy - they are not shown on minimap. This is especially dangerous for creatures with hidden attacks.
  • Weaknesses: each creature has different weakness, some are more resistant to poisons while not so resistant to damage caused by fire, others are more easily killed using slashing weapons (swords) than using piercing weapons (spears and some types of halberds).
  • Blood & Gore: all creatures bleed. After you kill them, ground will be covered with blood of your enemies. Most creatures also have cuttable parts, you can hack off spider's leg or smash elemental's hands.





Legends of Dawn is supported by the Ministry of entrepreneurship and crafts of the Republic of Croatia.