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Tuesday, 24 July 2012 08:57
Gods of Narr

Gods of Narr (inspired by old Slavic myths)

A vast majority of the population in the world of Narr believe in one of three gods: Svarog, Perun or Veles. These three gods are simply different aspects of the same. All the gods are represented by statues erected on different locations throughout the world.

The sacrifice panel is opened when you click on a god statue and it immediately raises your faith level. You can sacrifice precious stones to gain temporary boost in resistance or primary ability scores, using this panel.

As you sacrifice items, additional slots will be opened, allowing you to combine bonuses. Effect, duration and power depends on the amount of sacrificed jewels, their quality and your sacrifice level.

Be as generous as you wish and gain divine favours. May the gods bless you on your journey towards the highest level of enlightenment.

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Dawn Artefact

The Dawn

Unbelievable! The legend has become a reality and you play a vital role. You must find the missing parts of the Dawn -- a dismantled legendary artifact of a lost Dwarven civilization.

The Dawn came into existence at the peak of dwarven greatness, supreme in magic; no other like it before and no other after. Others in the distant past quaked in the face of such raw power and stole it. Their great mages dismantled it nd hid the fragments across the continent of Narr.

Only with the Dawn in your hand can you access the power that could solve the mystery of the Ashglades in the far north. Find it, take it north and put an end to the endless night.

P.S. Watch the eyes of the mask, it will light up when you find yourself in the vicinty of a lost fragment.

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