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Spaceforce Constellations Gameplay
Spaceforce Constellations Gameplay

Constellations is a turn-based, space strategy, single-player PC game, with stunning visuals and deep but easy to play game mechanics.

A galaxy map helps you navigate your fleet through many constellations. Each constellation is represented by a waypoint and each waypoint is connected to one or more constellations. After you win a battle in one constellation, new waypoints and paths to other constellations will open. Coloured icons beside waypoints indicate the presence of enemy fleet. The icon will disappear if you win the battle. As you gain experience points through battles, you will progress  through six levels. With each advancement, a new ship becomes available for you to add to your fleet, at any space station.

You can move to any unoccupied constellation in the galaxy to mine for crystals or search for life. Accept battles or retreat to your previous position, by clicking on the 'fight' or 'retreat' button respectively. Before accepting combat, ensure that you have the maximum number of available space ships in order to effectively engage the enemy.

The command bridge is the most important window. From here you command your fleet, make strategic decisions on when to fire weapons, launch special attacks or defences. Your fleet will appear in the formation you selected at the space station. Left-click on an enemy ship to fire, wait your turn and fire again and so on. When you destroy all enemy ships, you win the battle and gain experience points.

Spaceforce Constellations Gameplay

To win a battle you must destroy all enemy vessels. Ships in Constellations are divided into 3 classes:

  • ships with laser power - melee ship can attack nearest row,
  • ships with missiles – can attack any unit,
  • repair ships – can repair any unit.

More vulnerable ships, or those equipped with missiles, should stay in the back row, while stronger spaceships armed with lasers and a lot of hp should take the lead, in order to efficiently battle the enemy and withstand attacks that would otherwise destroy inferior space vessels.

Right-click on any ship to view its features at the bottom of the screen. This information is helpful when planning your moves. Your fleet can regenerate to maximum hp after every battle by using internal self-repair systems.

During combat, you'll be able to click on the spaceships as well as their portraits on the right allowing you more control within the battle screen. Left click to attack and right click for properties. When all the spaceships in a fleet have been destroyed, combat is over. If you win, but some of your ships have been wrecked, you must return to the nearest space base to mobilize new ships.

Spaceforce Constellations Gameplay

Spaceships can be upgraded by collecting experience points during combat. Current status is displayed as rank signs (mk1-mk5).

As you win battles, your spaceships will be automatically upgraded by your collection of experience points. Similarly, you can replace a destroyed ship in the space station, but it will have less points and consequently have lessened effect on enemy ships.

Mining and search for life icons become active in all conquered constellations. They can be played immediately after a star system has been conquered or later on. Both mining and search for life are vital to collecting enough resources that will empower your fleet with special attack weapons.

The mining window is where you search for and collect special crystals essential for all special attacks and repairs. You can access the mining window through the middle icon on the bottom of the galaxy screen at every constellation. The status of crystals can be viewed in the following windows: mining, space station, command bridge (as a part of special attack icons bar). Left click on hexagons to search for crystals – there is a limited  number of attempts. After each search round, click 'continue' to explore some more until there are no more tries. The auto-scan button allows you to instantly detect resources, but you may collect only half of the available resources.

In the space station, you can manage your fleet, weaponry and check status.

You can renew your fleet, craft crystals, chose up to four out of 12 available special attacks and check your status in the 'hall of fame' that tracks your mother ship battles, in any space station throughout the galaxy.

Spaceforce Constellations Gameplay

Select a special attack, then select the field in the fourth row to place it. Once you've made all selections, click 'deploy' and the selected attacks will move to the special attack bar, towards the bottom of the screen. You will be able to use it in subsequent battles. You can change your special attacks as many times as you want and fire them, as long as you have available crystals to power them.

As you advance through the game and your level rises from 1 to 6, you will be able to add up to six ships to your fleet formation. On the right side of the space station screen, you can select from available ships at the bottom and by clicking on any field at the top, you can add the selected ship to your fleet. Additionally you can change the relative position of the crafts in the fleet. Special attack window is accessible by clicking the 'attacks' button in the space station screen. You can chose from 12 special attacks which will gradually open, depending on your advancement. Select special attack to see it's effect in the text field between the 3rd and 4th row. The amount of crystals consumed with each use is displayed beside each special attack icon. Depending on your level, you can  pick up to five types of ships for your fleet. However, some can only be placed in the front row.
When a leadership window pops up, you have gained 1 leadership point. Maximum leadership is 6. You can recruit a certain number of ships in any space station depending on your leadership status.

Mothership battles, is where you engage in one on one battles, leading your mothership to battle the enemy's. The mothership battle is a turn based card combat. The winner is the first to reduce the opponent's armour to zero. Each mothership has armour points and shield points. When the shield drops to zero, attacks on the shield will continue to affect the armour. Begin your turn by playing a card from your action deck. Each player uses one card at a time. Every card has a picture of the attack and statistical information about it. Most importantly, the card defines your action against your enemy's and consequently against your ship. The winner of the mothership battle takes the prize in experience points and crystals. Win 4 battles and be awarded a medal which you can verify by clicking the 'medals' button in any space station. Re-roll cards will randomise your deck but you lose a turn.

Our galaxy contains countless constellations yet to be discovered and explored. How many of them might support life? The quest for signs of intelligent life will give you more life points. Does life exist anywhere else in the universe? You can find out in search for life window. Access the search for life window through the right icon at the bottom of the galaxy screen at every constellation. Collect life points and get up to 5 promotions. Each promotion rewards you with additional crystals. Left click on the hexagons to search for life – there is a limited  number of attempts. After each round, click 'continue' to resume exploration until you run out of tries. The auto-search button allows you to instantly find life, but you will gain only half of what you would have retained by manual search.

Check the status of your military career in the hall of fame screen accessible through the space station, with the medals button. You may claim four victories in mothership battles and earn a medal for each. Boost your leadership status to become an admiral.






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