Legends of Dawn Duels



Svarog Rune


When Perun left for the sky, according to the scriptures, Svarog remained on Narr. Running the world with a firm controlled grip, he gave the strength and stamina needed for a new world to be rebuilt, while keeping a stern watch over all who stray. The no-nonsense god was formed by the pain in the tears of an oppressed blacksmith, that fell in the groove of a dungeon, awakening the resident spirit from within the bowels of the land. Eternal lava flowed through him and remedied the injustice. Svarog does not hesitate to wage war and defeat all who dare to cross his worshipers.

Tales of his aggression are legendary and Svarog derives great pleasure from being feared. Unknown to all but a select few, he is actually very shy and mortals, especially humans make him uncomfortable. He does not like his loyalty and protectiveness towards the blacksmiths and miners to be mentioned either. He rumbles in protest beneath the land whenever he senses disdainful acts but never strikes first.

The fire symbolizes his passion, although some blasphemers say he has a bad case of heartburn. The mallet shows his great vigour and the sword, justice. The great Svarog will grant you strength and stamina unless you make fun of his height. Then he will smite you with his mallet and swallow you into his fiery depths. Sacrifice to him regularly and you shall renew your strength.







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