Legends of Dawn Duels





    This patch upgrades all previous versions, from 1.00 to 1.51, to version 1.52. This patch should not be applied to Steam version of the game. Steam players should update the game using Steam client.


Patch 1.52 changes:

- fixed slight problem with player animations that occurred when trying to use both keyboard and mouse for player movement at the same time


Patch 1.51 changes:

- added player movement by holding mouse keys (instead of just clicking like crazy)

- added automatic stacking while taking items using Take All button in itemholders

- fixed missile height offset on turret projectiles (one that caused slowdown while fighting turrets)

- fixed missing updated animations for one hand player combat

- small fix regarding unicode font characters for item tooltips


Patch 1.50 changes:

- added french localization

- added italian localization

- max camera height is now ~10-15% higher up thus giving you slightly larger view area around the player


Patch 1.40 changes:

- added new tooltips with more information about items

- improved FOV and camera zoom so that when zooming towards player, camera moves slightly forward thus giving larger view area

- various small optimizations and fixes


Patch 1.30 changes:

- 64-bit OS Support: game and engine are now 64-bit. You can choose between 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems, but good news is that memory problems (on 64-bit version) are thing of the past. Game can now utilize all the RAM you have, well over 2GB per process that is the limit of 32-bit processes.

- Upgraded Physics: NVidia PhysX is not dependent on external system software anymore. No more separate installation of physics software is required. External physics installation was cause of many problems in the past - from configurations where physics software was not recognized, even though it was installed, to problems with non-steam installations where users simply forgot to install physics software. This is now solved, physics is part of the game itself and should work without any intervention from the user or external software.

- Streaming is upgraded.

- Smoothed Animations.

- Animation for all dynamic entities are now smoothed over time when transiting between animation states. This is most noticeable on monsters and player characters.

- Numerous small optimization's and fixes.

- Slight tweaks and changes to monster AI.


Patch 1.10 changes:

- NTG quest conversation fixed

- spider tutorial quest fixed

- added Alienware Light FX for alienware laptops and keyboards

- fixed model popup when traversing back and forth between two adjacent world sectors

- fixed water transparency bug

- modding tools added (world editor, materials/models editor, entity editor, flare editor, gui editor and creature designer)

- added panel for custom mods (visible from character generation screen)

- various small optimizations and fixes

- slight tweaks and changes to monster AI

- added new 30+ nodes for skill checks (usable from script editor)

- fixed slight bug with character zooming buttons reappearing when returning to main menu


Patch 1.07 changes:

- teleport stones added

- crafting panel drag'n'drop fixed

- creature levels fixes

- added small experience gained when fighting creatures 8+ lvl while 5+ levels above them

- tweaked merchant item levels

- crafting bug fixed

- memory consumption is now slightly lower

- changed/fixed third tutorial quest

- german language fixes

- croatian language bug fixed

- camera fov slightly increased

- grass rendering optimized

- dual wield combat sounds added


Patch 1.06 changes:

- fixed faith regeneration bug

- German language added

- added fast traveling, Scroll of Korden's Fall, Scroll of Recea and Scroll of Koshk items

- escape key now deactivates main windows before activating options panel

- min experience for killed monster is now never zero, no matter what the difference between player's and monster's level of experience is

- fixed sort runestones bug

- item sorting by bags, not by entire inventory

- added 'sort all' button to inventory that sorts items in all bags

- max weight player can carry increased

- reduced player slowdowns due to encumbrance

- black sky in the distance colored into current fog color

- fixed 1/2-handed swords/axes/maces skills notification in info window

- bows effective only for distances longer than 5 m (to balance melee/ranged weapons)

- added temporary workaround for mouse cursor


Patch 1.05 changes:

- point'n'click player movement

- added map bookmarks

- fixed doubleclick crash when saving game

- fixed scroll of faith cost bug

- added level display for wearable items

- various small improvements regarding memory allocations


Patch 1.04 changes:

- fixed bug which stopped camera rotations while right mouse button was pressed and mouse cursor moved over panels, toolbar or any other window

- increased sacrifice time bonus for 5x

- dalek turrets that move toward player

- fixed arrow collision problem


Patch 1.03 changes:

- fixed camera position so that when zooming toward player, camera moves slightly forward thus giving larger view area

- enemy missiles now hit walls, houses, barrels and other objects (everything that has collideable physics meshes) when fired toward player

- player's spells and arrows also hit physics objects, you cannot shoot through walls anymore


Patch 1.02 changes:

- added autosave option that saves game each 10/20/30 minutes (can be disabled from Options panel)

- added QuickSave command to Options -> Controls that saves new save game with single keystroke

- fixed bug with player sliding after manual respawn if player moved before he hit respawn key

- fixed key assignment bug that prevented custom key binding to work until Options panel was first activated

- fixed camera rotation bug that prevented camera rotations using keys


Patch 1.01 changes:

- added Regenerate command to Options -> Controls that manually respawns player at the last activated spawn point

- fixed combat translation in console window for non-english languages






Legends of Dawn is supported by the Ministry of entrepreneurship and crafts of the Republic of Croatia.