Wave of Darkness Story

Legends of Dawn - Sunset Over Danian City
Human Druid

Narr is in turmoil... Events that lead you to this point seem to be only the beginning. As you travel toward the ancient city of Sidis Tarea you cannot help but wonder about recent events.

Attacks at Korden's Fall looked like isolated incident but now it seems that was only the beginning of something bigger. Kordelis is dead, demon that plagued the Korden's Fall destroyed and Dawn restored.

But now rumors of war spread across the land.

While you wonder about this, Danian merchants whisper about the evil rising in the swamps. Creatures mentioned only in legends seem to walk the surface of Narr once again.

Council of Sidis Tarea sent a call to neighboring kingdoms. Heroes are needed to battle this menace. You are needed once again.

Messages became more frequent as the time passed by. Each more urgent than previous one. Each calling desperately for help.

And then messages stopped...






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