Legends of Dawn Duels
Spaceforce Constellations Features
Spaceforce Constellations Features
  • Simple and addictive game play: explore, discover, build a fleet, conquer.
  • Turn based fleet combat.
  • Galaxy Map helps you navigate your fleet through many constellations.
  • Stunning universe dominated by four civilizations.
  • 80 one-on-one turn based battles in stunning 3D space constellations.
  • Fleet combinations consisting of Laser, Missile and Repair spaceships.
  • A dozen special attacks, each with stunning visuals.
  • Over 20 mother ship turn based card battles. 
  • Crystal Mining mini game to find crystals needed for special attacks.
  • Search For Life mini game with 5 levels of achievements - each with a crystal pack reward.
  • Simple crafting panel in the space station.
  • Achievements panel "Hall of Fame" with medals and ranks.
  • Boost your leadership status to become an admiral.





Legends of Dawn is supported by the Ministry of entrepreneurship and crafts of the Republic of Croatia.