Legends of Dawn Duels
Engine Features - GUI and Windowing

Graphical User Interface Design


  • GUI editor is used for creation and skinning of GUI panels
  • By combining nodes we can create various GUI panels used in the game
  • It is possible to edit panels, both their physical appearance and their graphics to create various "skins" for the game
  • GUI supports various window transitions
  • Almost all windows (except toolbars) are movable - user can position them anywhere on the screen
  • All GUI dialogs can be moved around the screen (except for static toolbars)


GUI Localization


  • Entire localization database is contained in single UTF-8 unicode file with support for multiple lanugages
  • All GUI panels and components use internal names in the database. Thus, we do not have to localize all GUI panels separately. After database is modified, all GUI components are realigned properly


Skinning and Styles


  • Skinning is extremely easy: each GUI component (button, list box, edit box, scrollbar etc.) is rendered using specified GUI Style. GUI Styles can be edited directly in the editor with live feedback.
  • It is possible to create various types of Styles for all controls. With full support for icons, bitmaps, font overlays, direct handling of GUI sounds and much more.


GUI Physics


  • Additionally you can attach GUI gizmos to any and all panels.
  • GUI gizmos are procedurally generated objects that appear on specified places of GUI panels. Example of these objects are chains used on almost all panels in the game. As you move those panels around the screen, chains move using real physics rules.
  • Physics chains can be combined and attached in any number and combination. It is very easy to create them and to add them to existing GUI panels.


Graphical User Interface Layout


  • Built-in GUI preview shows entire in-game GUI (including toolbars, mini maps, displays, various panels etc.) in various resolutions. It is very easy to see which problems occur in which resolutions without the need to even start the game.





Legends of Dawn is supported by the Ministry of entrepreneurship and crafts of the Republic of Croatia.