Legends of Dawn Screenshots Print
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Tuesday, 24 July 2012 08:57

Hey folks! Today we're happy to bring you brand new screenshots of Legends of Dawn!

Designed as a game of combat, magic, adventure and intrigue, LOD is a unique experience and brought to life with the rpg-ready Dreamatrix game engine.

The king sends a unit to uncover the mystery surrounding the icy peaks of the Northern Highlands, under the experienced leadership of Sir Herken Salavon, your foster father.

Events take you from Korden's Fall, through old, abandoned forts, dungeons once inhabited by dwarves and ancient tombs. You reveal the ancient scripts that tell the legends of dwarves, exterminated in the centuries-old war with humans, and stumble unto the greatest of them all, the legend of Dawn.

The world of Narr awaits heroes, special mortals of pure spirit, that would seek out the fragments scattered around the world and reassemble the Dawn - a powerful artifact.

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