Legends of Dawn Patch 1.06 now live on Steam! Print
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Tuesday, 09 July 2013 01:05

Important: Please note that for non-Steam version of game, we've just uploaded patch v1.06 to our website and you can download it here: here.

This patch upgrades all previous versions, from 1.00 to version 1.06. This patch should not be applied to Steam version of the game.  Steam players should update the game using Steam client.

patch 1.06:

- fixed faith regeneration bug
- German language added
- added fast traveling, Scroll of Korden's Fall, Scroll of Recea and Scroll of Koshk items
- escape key now deactivates main windows before activating options panel
- min experience for killed monster is now never zero, no matter what the difference between player's and monster's level of experience is
- fixed sort runestones bug
- item sorting by bags, not by entire inventory
- added 'sort all' button to inventory that sorts items in all bags
- max weight player can carry increased
- reduced player slowdowns due to encumbrance
- black sky in the distance colored into current fog color
- fixed 1/2-handed swords/axes/maces skills notification in info window
- bows effective only for distances longer than 5 m (to balance melee/ranged weapons)
- added temporary workaround for mouse cursor
- added Scroll of Korden's Fall, Scroll of Recea and Scroll of Koshk items

We have fixed faith regeneration bug. It should work fine now, no matter if you use saved game with or without manifested bug.

There was bug that caused items to shuffle when crafting spells and pressing Sort button in the inventory panel. That is now fixed.

Experience player gains when fighting monsters was calculated so that player gains less and less experience if (s)he fights creatures of lower level. This was implemented in order to prevent players to reach high levels of experience while fighting low level monsters. Old formula was something like this:

- if players level <= monster's level, player gains full experience
- if players level - monster's level = 1, gained experience = 70% of creature's experience
- if players level - monster's level = 2, gained experience = 50% of creature's experience
- if players level - monster's level = 3, gained experience = 30% of creature's experience
- if players level - monster's level = 4, gained experience = 10% of creature's experience

Now we have slightly modified it so that if player defeats level 10 or higher monsters, (s)he will always gain at least 1-5 experience, no matter level difference.

Escape key now deactivates windows from the top to bottom. This works for the following windows: Map, Achievements, Character Info, Inventory, Spellbook, Reputation, Skills, Crafting, Quest Log, Bestiary, Legendary Items, Pick Up (creature drops and chests), Store/Merchant, Gods/Sacrifice, Options, Unlock/Activation and Player House windows.

We have added 'sort all' button to inventory panel. Now you can sort items from entire inventory (just as before, now used by clicking on 'sort all' button) and only items from current bag (by clicking on 'sort' button).

Max weight is now increased. Max weight is now calculated as 20 + ( strength - 10 ) * 12 which gives max weight of 20 for players with Str 10 and max weight 140 for players with Str 20. Speed reduction in halved. Before this change, encumbered player ran with 50% of the top speed. Now speed reduction is only to 75% of max player speed.

Black sky bug is fixed when standing on high locations and looking toward the horizon.

We have added German translation to the list of supported languages.

There was bug that displayed wrong information text in bottom left corner of the screen when upgrading first 6 combat skills. This did not affect gameplay in any way, only block of text was wrong. That is now fixed.

Bows are now not effective while fighting creatures in melee combat. Ranged weapons become next to useless when monsters get near the player.

We have added Scroll of Korden's Fall, Scroll of Recea and Scroll of Koshk to list of available items. Those scrolls teleport player to predefined location near the two cities and in ruins of Koshk. Scrolls can be bought.

We have created temporary workaround to players with no mouse cursor problem. Command could be added to configuration file (config\game_lod.config.txt):

use_hardware_mouse_cursor: 0

that will disable default mouse cursors in the game and use windows mouse cursor. This is only temporary solution until we find the real problem. Currently we are unable to replicate this bug on any of our computer running various graphics cards and OS-es. We'll investigate further and keep you posted on this.

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