This was a huge accomplishment for Tribe and cost us around

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This was a huge accomplishment for Tribe and cost us around

Postby ffxivfans » Thu Jun 02, 2016 8:27 am

So, we're just over 7 months into the game - WOW! It sure doesn't feel like that! - to me it feels like the game just came out last month. This might be because of how fast they are delivering content - which is amazing - the latest was 2.2 and in it came Leviathan Primal fight (see pic above) but let's put all of this on the back burner for a second and recap some of our amazing achievements both individual and as a whole.

In August, while still on Midgardsomr (during Closed and Open Beta) official servers were announced we had a long discussion as a community as to which would be the best server for Tribe and landed on Leviathan. Before the 24 hour mark on day 1 of creation of the FC we were Free Company Rank 5 (Max rank at the time) and had a surplus of guild credits for buffs.

11 days after servers going live (14 days after head start) Tribe held the World First FFXIV Server wide event in the form of Hide and Seek. This was fairly successful so we continued to do more events totalling 20+ before attendance started to dwindle due to the surplus of ingame progression options available.

On September 14th 2013 we did a guild gathering of all those online at the time at the Sanctum of the Twelve. It had a great turnout from all the people that participated.

Early September (10 - 19th) our fully geared players (i70 at the time) started dipping their toes into the Binding Coil of Bahamut (raid content). The following week, Sept 24-27, we did our first set of official raids. At the time we had 2 groups in CST and 2 groups in PST. In regards to current raiding, we had decide to go to static raid groups and at the end of 2.1 we had 13 Static groups on the go, since then we blew up 2 raid groups and are now looking at forming 3 more in the coming days. Raid times are figured out by the group by what is best for the group. On December 11th we cleared all current content (Turn 5) and put that internet dragon to work.

We also participated and won the Free Company Recruitment Video Contest Square Enix put forward. We did a Wildstar mock devspeak and had some fun with it. This was a very involved process and required a lot of us to coordinate with Lillith who helped us with the vast majority of video editing required to put it all together.

But all that's behind us. let's Fast Forward a bit...

We recently obtained our Large Free Company House in Gridania District 1 Lot 6. This was a huge accomplishment for Tribe and cost us around 76 million Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

We also obtained the Leviathan Server First Leviathan Extreme Kill. Due to new lockouts and schedules we got a bit of a late start on T6 but several of our raid groups have it down and are working on T7 as I am writing this.

Currently we are in the top 5 guilds for progression on Leviathan, and regarding population and progression we are the top guild on Leviathan. We are also the only Free FF14 Gil Company within the top tier to have an application process/gated entry, we're also the only one to kick inactive members (after 30 days they are removed and can be re invited without re-application once they resub and resume play).

With much to look forward to in the future (Cosair, Ninja, Tank being hinted at in the main 2.2 Storyline) as well as more paths of Crystal Tower (hopefully not DF content) as well as all the amazing monthly and bimonthly content they release for us, I am very excited, not just for this game (although it's awesome!) but with the quality of players in tribe.

Regardless if you played with us then and went inactive or left the community or just started playing with us yesterday you are all a part of this amazing machine we call Tribe. Both in skill and in personality I am honoured to play amongst you all.

In closing I've prepared a speech.

Tribers, my members of the community. I'd rather fight beside you than thousands of pugs.


Let no person forget how menacing we are, we are Tribers!

Huh huh huh!

Do you know what's there, waiting, in that game? Camaraderie! Take it, it's yours!

~David (Liono Dragonstar, Sharess Dragonstar, Luna Dragonstar Ingame)
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